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This is how you play Hex

The purpose of the game is to reach across the screen with your character before the other players do. You can click on any cell to activate it, but you need to set it to your color to be able to move on it.

Step 1, how to play Hex

Step 1.

Click on a empty cell to activate it with your color. This enables the cell for movement with your character.

Step 2, how to play Hex

Step 2.

Block and disable players by clicking their cells to slow down their movement.

Step 3, how to play Hex

Step 3.

Make sure to reach your goal before the other players do.

About Hex

HEX was developed under 48 hours for the 2012 Heavy Weight Node Knockout contest. A multiplayer game that endorse standing stuff in the way of other gamers.

Hope you've enjoyed it!

Hex for President

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